Fakespeare Thanks!

Friends, Romans, Children who should not be here:

Some thoughts and some thanks on the end of the Fakespeare run.

Fakespeare was a event that brought something new to Vancouver audiences in the summer and to the York theatre, thanks to the glorious and visionary support of Heather Redfern, Cindy Reid and the rest of the Cultch team. Go support more Cultch works.

Fakespeare would have been impossible without the support of our fanatical sponsors, our irrepressible board support, our tech and stage mananagement teams and the unparalleled leadership and work of our Executive Director Sandra Herd. These humans are as strong as they are generous. Without them, we would be nothing. Likewise, the cast, musicians, directors and crew of both shows. The experience of slogging out a summer repertory run is a big deal. And you took that deal and grew both shows into something unique and wonderful. Our gratitude goes far beyond words.

To those of you who came out to TITUS or to Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet may you be showered with beauty for the commitment you made to come see new work and emerging artists do great work. Don’t miss the Awkward Stage Seed Project Carry On at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival. These artists, well-mentored, are creating fantastic things for their run at the Firehall Arts Centre.

Stay tuned for more info and details on where we’re headed next.

Andy Toth