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Awkward Stage Productions Society (ASP) is a theatre company and registered charity dedicated to high-quality, inclusive, relevant theatre programming; exciting audiences; and providing young and emerging artists with rewarding performance and production opportunities and mentorship.

We believe live theatre is a vital part of Vancouver’s cultural scene and that live theatre needs the talent, will, energy and perspectives of young and emerging artists. We are committed to developing a richer public interest in live theatre by taking risks with young and emerging artists, inclusive non-traditional casting, and new works.

We also believe that to be successful in today’s theatre environment, young and emerging artists in all theatre disciplines need developmentally structured performance and production opportunities; mentorship and coaching; and payment for their skills, talents and efforts.

ASP is committed to treating all people with respect, building trust and effective relationships, maintaining transparency throughout the organization and embracing intersectionality.

What makes ASP unique is our commitment to defining and being the bridge space where artists transition from amateur to professional opportunities in the Vancouver theatre community. We create theatre by and with young and emerging artists. We engage our young artists in all aspects of mounting a theatre production and the artistic, administrative and governance aspects of the organization. We engage established and respected theatre professionals as coaches and mentors. We pay our artists for their talent, skills and effort. This enables young and emerging artists to learn, gain experience, get established and move forward with their theatre careers with confidence.

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