Smile – 2011

SMILE, The Musical

Music by Marvin Hamlisch, Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Directors: Cara Tench/Corwin Ferguson
Choreographer: Cara Tench
Music Director: Andy Toth

Smile is presented with special arrangement with Samuel French.

Doris Gee Jeny Cassady I Make Neat Stuff Fringe

A gaggle of gorgeous teen girls, all glitzed, gowned and glowing – but only one crown!

That ain’t pretty!


A funny and fast paced musical satire, SMILE goes behind the scenes of a 1985 teenaged beauty pageant where a seemingly charming collection of 17 year old girls is combined with a win at all costs competition. Add to the mix a controlling and ambitious pageant coordinator (still trying to win the crown she never had), her ‘heart of gold’ head-judge husband and their teenaged son, whose hormone driven entrepreneurial spirit could be a game changer, and this year’s edition of the pageant is headed for a stunning crowning moment.


Beauty, brains, bouquets and …..PUPPETS?  Yes, puppets!

Pretty girls and puppets make a spectacular combination in this singing and dancing extravaganza.

SMILEis performed by two casts of youthful energy and puppets.  The contestants (Junior cast aged 14 to 18; Senior cast aged 18 to 24), are human, but all the adult characters are just a bunch of foamies!  No really, they are all foam. You’ll have to see it to believe it.  Designed and created just for this production, each adult character is played by a large beautiful puppet that embodies each adult’s charms and traits.  Hey, it’s the Fringe!  Check out the YouTube promo video series, “A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Puppet” at And as always with an Awkward production, the crew and musicians are youths too.

Broadway Tony nominated musical by Marvin Hamlisch (“A Chorus Line”) and Howard Ashman (“Little Shop of Horrors”)

SMILE is tuneful fun that carries a concealed weapon!  It has all the pomp and glitter of a true pageant, and it is as captivating as its enchanting contestants who try their best to figure out exactly what needs to be said and done to be crowned Young American Miss.  But there’s a healthy dose of mean girl and bad behavior as the claws come out!  It’s pure show biz up front, but behind the platitudes of good clean apple pie values, there’s a vicious competition, broken dreams and just a little shock and awe!