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The Phoenix All-Stars

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Items Purchased: Food Pass (4); Drink Pass (3); Tea/Coffee Pass (2); Put Me In Coach; Put Me in Assistant Coach; Mr. Dress Up!; I’ve Got No Bars!; Double Tech; Switch!; Second Choice of Performance; Stuff a Sock In It

We soar high for our goals in life and know where we’re headed.

We are all theatre students who strive for success with strong work ethics.  And we all have backgrounds in fields of music so we are our own band, which makes us special overall.   We also have great communications skills and know the behind the scene life of theatre (thanks UVIC). 

And we’ve got soul, spirit and winning smiles.  Smiling and waving does wonders…that’s’ what the Penguins of Madagascar taught us anyways. 

Although we may look innocent and friendly, if you mess with us we will sing your butts off. 

Team Members: Hailey Fowler, Teddy Angelo Ngkaion, Kelly O’Donnell, Toni Scott, Jessica Ingham, Ella Berger, Max Borowski and Ace Crowchild.

Team Anthem:   “We Are the Champions” by Queen – enough said  (From Awkward Stage – hmm, that’s the song last year’s winning team chose!)

Team Animal:  A Phoenix – breaking out of a box with a galaxy in the background as we reach for the stars – to infinity and beyond!!

What we have that other teams don’t:  Team spirit with a Teddy.  Yes a Teddy.  Always cute, adorable and fun to cuddle, no?  Also we’re all musically talented and someone can play the ukulele!