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They Who Must Not Be Named

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Items Purchased: Food Pass (7); Drink Pass (4); Tea/Coffee Pass (5); Put Me In Coach; I’ve Got No Bars! (2); Double Tech; Switch!; Hostage Situation; Stuff a Sock In It; Unplugged

We know we’re great – we’re certain – and maybe, just maybe, that’s what makes us great!  We have all seen our SMACKDOWN victory in a vision…and it was glorious!

Much like You Know Who, we strike fear into the hearts of children everywhere.  But unlike the Dark Lord, we combine the ambition and cunning of Slytherins, the nerve and chivalry of Gryffindors, the wisdom and wit of Ravenclaws, and the teamwork and heart of Hufflepuffs.   Oh, and like years of musical theatre experience and stuff too.

We are an unstoppable force!

Team Members: Bonnie Duff, Paige Fraser, Laura Gobbo, Tenanye Haglund, Katherine Matlashewski, Emily Oswald, Kenzie Peters, Claire Rice, Jen Shannon, Haley Goldin and Andrew Wade.

Team Anthem: “Girls” by Beyoncé, but we’d be singing “Squirrels!”

Team Animal: Kittens – because you think we’re sweet and lower your guard, but then suddenly you’re equally scratched up and mesmerized and you don’t know where the day has gone.   That’s right…you spend the whole day watching the kittens claw you to shreds.  (From Awkward Stage – now that’s some real SMACK talk!)

What we have that other teams don’t: Great butts!