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The Chekov-skies

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Items Purchased: Food Pass (11); Drink Pass (2); Tea/Coffee Pass (3); Put Me in Assistant Coach; Double Tech; Switch! (2)

We are true dramatists with a bubbly underside!

After having a blast last year, we’ve learned a few new tricks – but we won’t divulge them here!  Expect a story with guts, stakes and passion.  And a cast with the same!  And they might just be holding clarinets…

We can win because we’ve won before!  But honestly we’re not cocky in the slightest.  But we are excited!

Team Members: Katherine Alpen, Sebastien Archibald,  Lyndsey Britten, Theo Budd, Mark Dozlaw, Mack Gordon, Lorynne Machado, Britt MacLeod, Isaac Mcandless -DavisNick Preston, Ben Purych, Clara Rose, and Miranda Wheeler.

Team Anthem: “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” – having won last year, we might be the target of other teams, so our primary goal is to avoid any conflict and distract the other teams so we can avoid getting stuck with Kenny G blasting for an hour!  (From Awkward Stage – that is available to purchase again this year – just sayin’)

Team Animal: Killer Whale – we’re big, can be loud, splashy and frankly people want to stop and stage at us.  You think we’re cute.  But we can eat you in one bite.    

What we have that other teams don’t: Musicians, instrumentalists, improvisers, writers – all in perfect harmony.  And we know not to kill each other this year so that will free up tons of time for the work!!