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Awkward Stage Productions is a new society created to provide real life performance and production opportunities in a safe, supportive, inclusive and nurturing environment to youth in that awkward transition from childhood to adulthood, and from play acting to professional performance.


  • Provide not only youth performers, but youth musicians, technical crew, production assistants, etc. with professionally guided theatre experience.
  • Provide opportunities to youth performers in that awkward transition period from school and community theatre to professional productions; opportunities that are currently very limited in availability.
  • Develop all aspects of theatre education and experience for youth, including writing, directing, the business of productions such as networking, fundraising, rentals, licensing, budgets etc.
  • Provide market value employment for a professional director, musical director, production manager.
  • Eventually provide honorariums for youth performers and crew.
  • Pursue our unique aspect of double casting productions to provide the value of a mentorship experience for both the mentor and mentoree, as well as creating a greater number of opportunities to more youth.
  • Register 50 plus youth members within our first year.
  • Include youth members on both the Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors
  • Operate on revenue from ticket sales, performance fees, sponsorships, donations and grants without charging our youth participants’ fees (other than the nominal annual membership fee to the Awkward Stage Production Society)
  • Eventually secure and support a permanent facility for rehearsals, performances, additional programs, classes and camps.
  • Maintain a minimal membership fee for all youth participants.



Awkward Stage Productions is a not for profit society organized and operated by a collection of theatre education professionals, theatre enthusiasts and youth sharing a desire to fill voids in the Vancouver theatre community for youth performers, musicians, stage crew and technical crew.



There are other youth theatre groups operating in Vancouver, but none offer the same opportunities or focus.  Specifically we differ in the following ways:

  • No program fees
  • Minimal membership fee
  • Primarily youth performers, and as much as possible, youth musicians, crew, productions assistants etc.
  • Major musical productions double cast with an older cast acting as mentors for a younger cast.
  • Broad youth definition includes ages 12 through 29.
  • Youth involved in organization, strategic direction and planning as well as management
  • Multiple productions of different types staged each year to maximize youth served
  • Focus on providing opportunities for youth transitioning from school/community theatre to professional theatre.