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Siren Squad

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We are an all-girl group project by Carrot Affairs Productions – a collaborative creative team project looking to celebrate and share our collective geekdom in creative (and often musical) ways.  We bring a variety of experiences from music, performance, dance, writing, backstage and technical theatre.  We’re cute, quirky, and ready to rip our enemies to shreds without a moment’s hesitation

We are a well-oiled machine of musical kick-ass, under the direction of a technical theatre student just as proficient with a red pen and spike tape as she is with a chop saw and staple gun, backed by an award-winning composer with the commanding voice of a queen and boasting a membership of dreadfully lovely actresses and models, writers with wit as sharp as their eyeliner, and a pastel fashionista seamstress who has literally skinned animals for survival. 

We are the other teams’ worst nightmare wrapped up in cute smiles and great hair.  You’ll know when we’re coming for you… you’ll hear our heels clicking. 

Team Members: Evey Febronia, Joyce Hon, Carol He, Miko Janzen, Samantha Marin-Ferris, Sammi Nickel, and Kat Siu.

Team Anthem: “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

Team Animal: Vampire Squid From Hell, or its Latin name Vampirtoteuthis Infernalis, because it survives in the dark and under pressure, can be a point of light in the darkness, nobody can classify it or put it in a box, it confuses it’s enemies,  and it can 180 and bare its teeth if you try to mess with it.  We’re also all secretly vampires  (From Awkward Stage – we are officially terrified!)

What we have that other teams don’t: A team of academic artists, and experienced stage manager in the lead, an award-winning composer and a collaborative partnership so tight we’re probably drift-compatible – oh and we can run on nothing but a half hour nap and 3 cups of coffee!