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Dumbledore’s Army

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Items Purchased: Food Pass (3); Drink Pass Tea/Coffee Pass (2); I’ve Got No Bars!; Double Tech; Switch!; Stuff a Sock In It

We’ve been performing together for years – we’ve known each other since we were awkward pre-teens with braces and bad haircuts – and have a foundation of honesty and humility as well as impeccable team work.   We are all committed to the arts, to performance, to theatre and to music.  And we all love Harry Potter.  That automatically makes us great.

We are all creative, talented whacky people with great ideas and training in improv, musical theatre, drama, theatre tech and music all across the board.  Most of us are musicians and we plan to incorporate our instruments into our performance so the actors will be the musicians. 

We have diverse talents and work together.  But most importantly, we’re STOKED!  (From Awkward Stage – we LOVE that!)

We are crazy, and we are crazy talented.  Eat your heart out other teams!!

Team Members: Lucia Forward, Allyson Fournier, Frankie Cottrell, James Long, and Vuk Prodanovic.

Team Anthem: “Odds Are” by Barenaked Ladies

Team Animal: Hippogriff – majestic, determined and stubborn, but once you win our loyalty, you’ve got it for life.  Plus, we’re always around to break a brother out of jail, beat up a Malfoy, or act as a winged ex-machina.  Obvi!

What we have that other teams don’t: Teamwork and diverse talents like writing, literature, a band and colouring…yes colouring – it’s therapeutic!